How do I add a photo to an item?

Need instructions for AnyList for the Web or AnyList for Mac? Click here

  1. Find the item you’d like to add a photo to and tap the pencil icon next to it.

  2. Tap on Add Photo next to the item name.

  3. Tap on an option to select a photo.

  4. A photo thumbnail appears on the list screen, next to the item name. Tap on the thumbnail to see a full screen photo.

  5. Tap on the close button to close the full-screen photo viewer, or simply flick the photo to the side of the screen.

    Note: The selected photo will also be synced to your other devices and to anyone sharing the list.

    Note: AnyList Complete is required in order to add photos to list items.

AnyList for the Web / AnyList for Mac

  1. Select the item you’d like to add a photo to by clicking the item.

  2. Click the Add Photo button in the toolbar (or press the ‘p’ key).

  3. Click Choose one from your computer to find and select an image on your computer.

    Or drag & drop an image from your computer or another browser window into the photo drop zone.

  4. The file will upload to your account.

  5. Once the upload has completed, click Done and the photo will be shown alongside the item in your list.

  6. You can click the thumbnail to view the image full screen.