How do I assign items in my list to a store?

Need instructions for AnyList for the Web or AnyList for Mac? Click here

  1. Find the item you’d like to assign to a store and tap the pencil icon to its right.

  2. Select the Assign Stores option.

  3. If you haven’t created a store yet, tap on Create a new store and enter a name for the store. Otherwise, tap one or more of your stores to select them.

  4. After assigning one or more stores, a store icon and the name of the assigned store(s) appear next to the item on the list screen.

  5. Creating a store also creates a filter for that store. To filter your list to only show you items from a particular store, tap the filter button and select a filter.

    Note: AnyList Complete is required in order to assign items to stores and create filters.

AnyList for the Web / AnyList for Mac

  1. Select the item you’d like to assign to a store by clicking the item.

  2. Click the Assign Stores button in the toolbar (or press the ‘s’ key) to bring up the Assign Stores screen.