How do I change the category of an item?

Need instructions for AnyList for the Web or AnyList for Mac? Click here

  1. Find the item whose category you’d like to change and tap on the pencil icon.

  2. Select the Change Category option.

  3. Select a new category for the item.

  4. If the category you’d like to use doesn’t already exist, then tap Add Category to create a new category.

    To edit, remove, or reorder categories, tap Edit Categories.

  5. The item will now appear in the category you’ve chosen.

AnyList for the Web / AnyList for Mac

  1. Select the item whose category you’d like to change by clicking the item.

  2. Click the Change Category button in the toolbar (or press the ‘c’ key) to bring up the Change Category screen.

  3. Click the desired category and the item will be moved to that category.