How do I import a recipe directly from iOS web browsers & apps like Safari?

These instructions are for Safari and other apps on iOS. To import recipes while browsing the web on your Mac or PC, install one of our desktop browser extensions.

  1. Launch Safari, then tap the action button in the bottom toolbar.

  2. Scroll the list of actions to the right, then tap More.

  3. Turn on the switch next to AnyList Recipe Import.

  4. Now the AnyList Recipe Import action will be available. Tap on it while viewing a web page that contains a recipe.

  5. You can also import recipes from other apps that support the standard iOS share sheet, like the NYT Cooking app. To do so, tap on the action icon, then tap on AnyList Recipe Import.

    If recipe import fails, then you can manually copy and paste the recipe into AnyList.

    Learn more about the sites that recipes can be imported from on this page.