How do I select which of my AnyList lists are available on my Amazon Alexa devices?

Note: Make sure you have first enabled the AnyList skill for Amazon Alexa by following the instructions here.

Note: Syncing lists other than the Alexa Shopping and To-do lists relies on Alexa’s custom lists feature. Custom lists are currently not supported by Alexa devices in France, Germany, Mexico, or Japan.

  1. Open the List Settings screen for the list you want to sync.

  2. Tap the Sync with Amazon Alexa switch.

  3. Now you can ask Alexa to add an item to that list by name. For this example, you could say “Alexa, add jeans to my packing list.”

Alternatively, you can go to the Amazon Alexa Sync settings screen to manage all of your lists.

Note: The Amazon Alexa Sync settings screen is not currently available in AnyList for the Web or AnyList for Mac.

  1. Select the Settings tab, scroll down, and tap Amazon Alexa Sync.

  2. Lists with a checkmark are currently synced with Alexa. Tap on a list to start or stop syncing it with Alexa.

Note: When you stop syncing a list with Alexa, the corresponding Alexa list will not be automatically deleted. It will just stop receiving changes from AnyList and vice versa. You can use the Amazon Alexa app to delete the list if you no longer need it.