How do I send a recipe via email or AirDrop?

You can send a recipe to a friend via email or AirDrop. When you send a recipe via email, the email will include the text of the recipe, as well as a file attachment that can be opened in AnyList if your friend uses AnyList. AirDrop allows you to send a recipe directly to another person who has an iOS device with AnyList installed.

Sending a recipe

  1. Open a recipe and tap the Actions (•••) button.

  2. Select Email, Print & AirDrop from the actions menu.

  3. Select either the Email Recipe or AirDrop Recipe option.

Receiving a recipe via email

  1. Scroll to the bottom of the email, and you’ll see a file attachment. (These steps may differ slightly depending on your email app. Take the appropriate action in your email app to find the file attachment.)

  2. Tap on the email attachment, then scroll the row of color icons in the share sheet horizontally and select the More button.

  3. Scroll down and tap on the Copy to AnyList button.

Note: On Android, you can simply tap on the file attachment. The other steps are not necessary.

Receiving a recipe via AirDrop

  1. If you’ve received a recipe via AirDrop, an alert will pop up on your device. Simply tap on the Accept button.