How can I use custom categories to create other kinds of lists, such as a gift idea list?

  1. In this tutorial, we’ll create a list to hold gift ideas for our family members.

  2. On the Lists screen, tap the Create a new list button.

  3. Enter a name for the list, and select the Categorized List option.

  4. Tap the Create a new group button to create a new category group for this list. We’ll create a group with a category for each of our family members.

  5. Name the new category group.

  6. Tap Create New Category to add a new category to the group.

  7. Name the new category, and tap the icon to select an icon for the category.

  8. Repeat these steps to add a category for each family member, then tap Done.

  9. Now you can enter the name of an item you wish to add and tap the pencil icon to edit the item.

  10. Choose a category for the item.

  11. Add the item to your list.

  12. Repeat these steps to fill up your list.

Or follow these steps to add items directly to a category.