Using AnyList with the Google Assistant

Use the Google Assistant to access your lists hands-free on your mobile device as well as on Google / Nest branded smart speakers and displays.

Note: Sonos and other 3rd party Google Assistant-enabled smart speakers and displays do not currently support interacting with list apps.

Getting Started

How do I enable AnyList for the Google Assistant?

How do I choose which lists are synced with the Google Assistant?

What voice commands can I use to interact with my lists via the Google Assistant?

How can everyone in our household use our Assistant-enabled smart speaker or smart display to add items to AnyList?


What can I do when the Google Assistant says I have lists with similar names?

What should I do when my Assistant-enabled smart speaker or smart display says I need to enable personal results?

What can I do if Google Assistant says it doesn’t recognize my voice?

For information about how to access Google Assistant on various devices, please see the official Google Assistant support site.