Stores & Filters Overview

With AnyList Complete you can assign items to stores and then quickly filter your list to only show items from a particular store. This means you can have a single shopping list and avoid the hassle of keeping separate lists for each store.

To get started, assign a store to the items you always buy at a particular store. Leave items that you always buy at your main grocery store or items you can buy at any store unassigned. Show me how to assign items to a store.

When you create a store, AnyList automatically creates a filter for that store. Select a filter to see items that have been assigned to that store. Show me how to select a filter.

When a filter is active, adding items to your list will automatically assign the items to the store associated with the filter.

To clear the filter and see all of the items in your list again, tap the close button in the filter bar.

You can create your own filters to see items from multiple stores at once or to only see items that are not assigned to a store. Show me how to create a filter.

Tips for Different Shopping Styles

Shopping Style 1: I do most of my shopping at one store, but also have a few items that I buy at specialty stores.

In this scenario, only assign stores to the items you purchase at the specialty stores. Leave the items that you purchase at your main store unassigned.

When shopping at your regular store, you can select the “Unassigned Items” filter. This will hide the items you only purchase at the specialty stores.

When shopping at a specialty store, you can select the filter for that store. This will show you the items you only purchase at that store.

Shopping Style 2: I shop at several different grocery stores. There are some items I only buy at a particular store and other items that I’ll buy at any store.

Assign items that you only purchase at a particular store to that store. Leave items you purchase at any of the stores unassigned. Then turn on the “Include unassigned items” option for the filter associated with each store. Show me how to change the “Include unassigned items” setting for a filter.

When shopping at a store, select the filter for that store. You will see the items assigned to that store as well as items that are not assigned to any store. Items you’ve assigned to the store have a small store icon next to them.

If you have any questions or feedback about using stores and filters in AnyList, please get in touch with us.

Note: AnyList Complete is required in order to use stores and filters.