Importing Recipes from the Web Overview

Everyone can save 5 recipes from the web for free. Upgrade to AnyList Complete to save an unlimited number of web recipes.

AnyList can import recipes from thousands of popular recipe websites and blogs like Allrecipes, Epicurious, Martha Stewart, and NYT Cooking. (To learn more about the sites that AnyList can import from, check out this page.)

Since there are a variety of ways that you may come across a recipe that you’d like to import, we’ve got you covered with these options:

  1. Import recipes inside the AnyList iOS app with our Recipe Web Browser.

  2. Import recipes while using other iOS apps like Safari and Google Chrome with our iOS extension.

  3. Import recipes on your Mac or PC with our desktop browser extensions for Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari.

Importing Recipes Within the AnyList iOS App

You can use the Recipe Web Browser within our iOS app to search for a recipe (e.g., “Apple Pie”), get a list of search results, and pick one to import. Learn more here.

Importing Recipes from Other iOS Apps Like Safari and Google Chrome

If you come across an interesting looking recipe while browsing in Safari or Google Chrome on your iOS device, you can import it into AnyList without leaving that app by following these steps.

This technique can also be used to import recipes from some other apps like the NYT Cooking app.

Import Recipes on Mac & PC with Desktop Browser Extensions

We’ve got you covered if you find an interesting recipe on your Mac or PC, too. You can install our desktop browser extensions for Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari, then just click the AnyList button in your browser’s toolbar.